Leading the evolution of the Australian Agricultural industry.

Our scientific expertise, industry experience, and high-quality data are complemented by our strong relationships within the agricultural sector and local community.

We are proud to be Australian-owned and invested.

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to travel overseas and study in Europe with a colleague. We visited chemical companies to better understand the crop protection discovery process. We also visited other partners and likeminded research businesses allowing us to bring home learnings to improve AgXtra’s procedures.

Andrew LehmannPolicy Adviser, Grains Producers SA

AgXtra has grown into one of the most recognisable national research organisations

Martin DarganMRD AG

The nature of the staff employed by AgXtra is certainly a main strength of the business, leading to great relationships and building a collaborative culture. The transparency between all levels of management allows staff to be on the same page, creative a collective recognition and input of business goals.

Andrew LehmannPolicy Adviser, Grains Producers SA

AgXtra is a caring and fun community! While growing, the business focuses on its people, trusting each other and knowing we are all caring for each other. The more we put in, the more we can get out and having a good team where we can have fun and enjoy each other’s company is great.

Josh MahoneyAgXtra Employee

AgXtra has paved the way for my career within the agricultural industry through ongoing support and development of an extensive skill set. AgXtra continue to invest in me and support my career ambitions.

Bethany GreatzResearch Officer, AgXtra

The field trials AgXtra conduct for Nutrien Ag Solutions are always well planned, managed and maintained. Their staff are easy to communicate with and highly responsive.

Kate LightSenior Conola Breeder/R&D Manager, Nutrien Ag Solutions