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AgXtra is a company dedicated to making a positive impact on the rural communities where we operate and reside. We are proud to sponsor the EMPOWERED scholarship program, which aims to inspire and empower individuals in regional areas to pursue their dreams of becoming personal trainers and serve their communities as part of the Active Farmers network. Our ultimate goal is to promote health and well-being and foster the development of stronger and more resilient regional communities.

Bianca Niejalke is a remarkable individual who was awarded the 2023 AgXtra Empowered Scholarship. As an integral part of her local Mallee community, and with a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle, she is dedicated to helping enhance the health and wellbeing of others in her region.

After being awarded the scholarship earlier this year, Bianca embarked on the necessary training to obtain her Certificate 3 in personal training, of which she received in September. With the first qualification under her belt, Bianca is now conducting regular fitness classes in her hometown of Murrayville, Victoria, where she inspires and motivates others to lead a healthy lifestyle. Bianca is currently working hard to complete the second half of her training to acquire her Certificate 4 by the end of the year. As a mother of two young children and with a family farm to operate, her dedication and unwavering spirit are truly awe-inspiring.

AgXtra’s sponsorship of the EMPOWERED scholarship program is one of the many ways we positively impact the communities we serve. Through this program, we aim to inspire and empower talented individuals like Bianca to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on their communities. We are proud to see the impact of our sponsorship on individuals like Bianca, who are making a real difference in the lives of people in regional areas.

If you are in the Murrayville area and would like to join Bianca’s group fitness classes, please follow the link below.