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AgXtra Launches New Parental Leave Policy

At AgXtra, we believe in fostering a culture of care, equality and respect so that our people can be at their best whether they are at work or at home.

We recognise that adequately supporting and protecting our staff when they choose to start or expand their family is of the upmost importance and that provision of paid parental leave for each parent creates a more equal division of unpaid care and paid work and improves the family work-life balance.

Last week, we announced a comprehensive Parental Leave package that encourages and supports our people to create a better work and family balance.

Our leading parental leave package was developed in consultation with people across the business and includes personalised support to manage the transition to leave, 12 weeks paid leave in addition to the Government provided assistance, including the payment of superannuation, and a personalised return to work schedule.

Package Summary

  • 12 weeks paid Parental leave at the minimum national weekly wage for eligible employees
  • Ongoing Superannuation payments for the 12 week paid Parental leave period
  • Personalised , flexible Work Benefits throughout every stage of the parental leave journey
  • Additional 2 weeks leave paid at the minimum wage for Partners of the primary caregiver

This new policy is a positive step in supporting families within the business and reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion.